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Kingsbridge FAQ’s


Dress Code

Kingsbridge Chauffeurs will be suitably dressed in a dark suit and tie


Kingsbridge chauffeurs are polite at all times and will only respond where necessary however they will not engage in conversation unless initiated by the passenger.


Your Kingsbridge chauffeur will open the door for you, not only for courtesy but for the passengers safety Kingsbridge chauffeurs will assist you in carrying your luggage and personal belongings at all times.


Kingsbridge Chauffeurs having signed confidentially agreements will respect your privacy. Any discussions in the vehicle will stay in the vehicle.

Privacy Policy


Your chauffeur will always drive within the legal speed limits and respond to road conditions, traffic, and incidents.


Meeting your the chauffeur at the airport?

Kingsbridge chauffeur will provide a map with clear defined meeting points for all major London airports or advise meeting location for all other airports

Our Kingsbridge chauffeur reservation system will automatically send you an email as your flight lands to let you know your drivers name, photo and contact number including the vehicle description and registration number

After you clear customs your chauffeur will be waiting with a sign or name-board.

The chauffeur will also text your contact number with a message before your flight lands.

Should you fail to locate your chauffeur please contact our office immediately on +44 (0) 333 344 5644 or +1 855 529 6555



Children count as passengers. We prefer you bring your own child or baby car seat. We can store it for you until your return journey. We have baby and child seats available if needed. Please request one when booking. As per the law, the adult passenger will need to fit the car seat in our vehicle.

Food & Drink

Water is provided but we would prefer you didn’t eat or drink in our vehicles.



Our fleet details are available here Kingsbridge Fleet


All vehicles will come with bottled water, mints, tissues, first aid kits, umbrellas and phone chargers Selected vehicles have Wi-Fi.


Most vehicles in the fleet are under 3 years old except specialist vehicles and mini coaches and full sized coaches which are no older than 6 years

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