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Kingsbridge has an extensive fleet including luxury sedans, luxury mini coaches and people movers and can cater for your wedding requirements in their entirety.

Heading to the theatre to enjoy all that Broadway has to offer? Why not class it up and let Kingsbridge take you there in style.

It doesn’t matter whether in New York’s Broadway or London’s West End, our experienced chauffeurs will take you and your party off to your chosen venue and return you safely home at the end of an amazing day.

We will ensure your party arrives not only in style, comfort and class, but well in advance of the first curtain call.

  • All reservations are confirmed via an email with a confirmation number, chauffeurs details including contact numbers.
  • Bottled mineral water.
  • Wifi available on selected vehicles.

Forget about parking, a designated driver and the city traffic, let us worry about that and instead you concentrate on enjoying the most splendid of big city venturing.

If you want to have drinks beforehand or dinner afterwards, we will gladly accommodate.


When you step out at the front door of the theatre you’re going to, expect a few jealous looks though and glances of ‘who is that that’s just arrived! It won’t just be stars on the stage that evening as you arrive in hassle-free style. 

The Kingsbridge Way

Luxury Executive Class, Cars & Coaches

Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s, Jaguars, or if you require another type of prestige vehicle, please just ask.

Experienced Chauffeurs

Kingsbridge chauffeurs are experienced and smartly attired.

24/7 Availability

We offer a 24 hours, 7 day a week service. So, rest assured wherever you need to be, we will get you there.

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