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At Kingsbridge Chauffeur, we have an impeccable reputation for safety and in these troubling times, we have taken extra steps to protect our customers and our drivers. 

We have joined the Safe Taxi & Private Hire Charter, this is a promise by our industry to adhere to the very highest standards of sanitation and make journeys as safe as possible for our customers.

1.      Our drivers will always follow social distancing guidelines.

2.      Drivers will have no physical contact with the passenger. (Unless in an emergency or if a passenger requests assistance)

3.      Drivers will maintain a distance of 2 metres from passengers when greeting, helping with luggage etc. wherever possible.

4.      Hand sanitisers are available to all drivers and customers.

5.      Face masks will be worn by airport greeters and in any other circumstances where a driver is inside a building.

6.      Drivers will maintain impeccable personal hygiene and sanitise their hands after each journey.

7.      Drivers will wear PPE in line with the latest government guidelines.

8.      Kingsbridge Chauffeur will use the largest vehicle available. This is to keep as much distance between the driver and the passenger as possible. Click here for details of our fleet.

9.      The vehicle will be wiped down and cleaned with sanitiser after each journey.

10.  Kingsbridge Chauffeur will conduct weekly inspections and deep clean of all vehicles.

11.  Signs will be displayed to convey safety and sanitation messages in the vehicle.

12.  Newspapers and magazines will be removed from all vehicles for hygiene reasons.

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Safe travels everyone!