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Battersea dogs and cats home event – A strayover

Kingsbridge supports Battersea Dogs Home



Battersea dogs and cats home is known all over the world. At Kingsbridge, we love to give to worthy causes. Especially local charities dear to our hearts.
Recently we supported our friends at K2 Corporate Mobility who pushed themselves way out of their comfort zone. They spent a night out under the stars and in the cold to raise money for Battersea. Aptly named a ‘Stray over’, it was an overnight event with a difference, hosted by the dog and cats home to raise much-needed funds.

Kingsbridge supports Battersea dogs and cats home


The Stray-over

The charities’ Battersea London headquarters car park was turned into a location for a sleepover for the night. We think you’ll agree this is a bit different to the usual corporate team building events.


Battersea Stray over

The evening was an unusual and informal setting for businesses to come together. Participants met some lovely 4-legged residents and took an after-hours tour of Battersea. There were team building fun and games and an opportunity to network with other people and businesses.

Then with an orange survival bag, participants were left out in the cold to sleep the night in the car park.


Battersea dogs and cats home stray over



K2 Corporate Commercial Manager Jose Pose commented:

“Our team survived our night out under the stars and rain on Friday night, despite the horrible weather. They did attempt to sleep outside but by 4.00am had to abandon camp in the car park due to the rain. The proof is in the beautiful pictures!”


Rain aside a very enjoyable evening was had, met some lovely dogs and collectively over £60,000 was raised for Battersea which is a great effort!


This is an unforgettable opportunity to support Battersea who care for thousands of stray and abandoned animals every year. There will be another Stray over event at the Windsor dog and cats home in October 2018. More details here: https://www.battersea.org.uk/support-us/events/stray-over-2018

Battersea dogs and cats home stray over